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Our Products are made in China.

About Us

From the inception in the year 2000, Xpert`s goal is to design elegant, easy to use, and affordable home and kitchen appliances. Our focus and commitment have led to our growth and expansion of our footprint across Pakistan. Xpert brand`s focus is to inspire families to re-discover the joy of homemade cooking. We offer a wide range of ultra-modern kitchen appliances, built on the pillars of innovation, safety, and durability, making us the first choice by the number of households. At our retail stores, customers are offered to choose from our uniquely designed, top of the line products at affordable prices.

Company Vision

Our vision is to be the best appliance company in Pakistan as measured by customers, employees, and shareholders. While the pace of innovation and the number of product launches have increased in recent years, demands placed on products have become more rigorous. As our slogan states "just like its name”, we strive to provide outstanding kitchen appliances to let families best enjoy, when preparing and sharing a meal with loved ones.